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About Me

Hi, myself Md. Nasim. I am a web-developer cum blogger.

My journey started from a small village in Bihar. It was challenging to grow in that environment as getting good education was not possible there, whereas reading and learning was my first objective in life. Somehow I came to Calcutta for studies purpose at the age of five.

I completed my school studies and started my graduation in commerce. After completion of graduation, I acquired some more professional degrees and started working in a company.

From the beginning, use of technology attracted my full attention. But due to financial constraints, I was only able to afford any gadget after starting my first job. During my 10 years of job, I have been fascinated by the use of technology. I became more and more passionate about the website designing, app development etc. I utilized all my spared time in learning to develop websites. As the pandemic came and the lockdown started, I felt the struggle of the people who are not averse to the technology.

So, I quit my job and started web/designing for those struggling people at a negligible cost. Also to reach out to people, I started blogging. It made me engage with many people, I never have met in person. My blogs are all about the knowledge required by people, who are not much attached with the technological advancement, as I fear this will lack of knowledge will give them a big disadvantage.

Today I am very happy. Why? Simply because I followed my passion which gave me wealth (knowledge and money both).